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4th Edition | May 25th-June 5th 2018
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“Menorca Millennials has gone the
opposite way… but i think
it’s a good move

Martin Varsavsky

Founder at
Prelude Fertility

Experience Maker

“It allows the entrepreneur to take
a step back, and really think about
what’s important

Paul Ford

Vice President at

Experience Maker

Disrupt the typical model
of the accelerator”

Patrick Morselli

Head of Global Expansion at


We are the definitive program for Serial Entrepreneurs who believe Sustainable World will become a reality thanks to innovation and technology.

Our Deceleration Program starts with 12 days in Island of Menorca, and continues over the course of one-year, providing strategic support for fundraising and media exposure.

A select group of global tech start-ups converge on the island to pause, connect with creativity, get inspired, focus on sustainable objectives, and raise smart capital to hyper-accelerate business models with global scale.

We are more than just a one year program. We are a Community of serial entrepreneurs, business leaders and investors commited with Sustainable goals, who have forged vital links in the start-up ecosystem.


A total of 150 entrepreneurs, investors, and rockstar Experience Makers will converge on the island. Connections are made not with suits and handshakes but with flip-flops and high fives.


Big companies want to learn from startups and have the resources to invest in them through commercial partnerships.

The door to our

Coming to the Island will mean you are part of the family and will have access to a wide network.

MM Startup

“Going to the beach or to the swimming pool
with a VC… What ever happens after, you have better
chances to do something together

Alejandro Santacreu

CEO & Founder at

MM Startup

“MM has allowed us to take
that time and that space

Sofia Stolberg

Co-Founder and CEO at

MM Startup

“You get multiple days to
build an understanding

Wouter Chompff

Founder & CMO at


  • Kepa Acero

    Kepa Acero

    Kepa Acero
    Professional Surfer, Professional Globetrotter
    Kepa was european surfing junior champion at the age of 18.

    After traveling the world on the surfing profesional competition for years , Kepa Acero was not finding what he needed. Rather than focusing on contests and being caught up in one thing in life, he decided he needed to explore his other interests in the world. With very little knowledge behind the lens, Kepa purchased a few cameras, got an around the world ticket, and set off to document the people, cultures and waves he was visiting.

    He explored the world from Antartica to Alaska, Africa, Asia and all over.

    Kepa now makes a living documenting his solo trips, documenting the other travelers, waves, and culture he comes across along his journey.


    Kepa Acero - Professional Surfer, Professional Globetrotter

  • Manel Adell

    Manel Adell

    Manel Adell
    Board Member at Puig (Former CEO at Desigual)
    Having spent over a decade as the CEO of innovative Spanish clothing brand Desigual, much of what Manel has accomplished to date is a result of his unshakeable commitment to making a difference in the world. A strong believer in the powers of positivity, commitment and creativity, he feels that there is a powerful correlation between fun and profit. With a strong global vision, Manel’s innovative yet disciplined approach to international business expansion was seen as the driving force behind Desigual’s explosive 50x revenue growth during his tenure with over 500 million Euros in sales in 2011. Aside from being a really great guy, Manel is also one of Menorca Millennials Founding Partners!

    Manel Adell - Board Member at Puig (Former CEO...

  • Mario Alonso Puig

    Mario Alonso Puig

    Mario Alonso Puig
    Physician, Surgeon and Lecturer
    Mario Alonso Puig is a physician, surgeon, and lecturer. One of the most globally in-demand in all three areas of expertise. He has practiced surgery for 26 years, is a fellow of surgery at the faculty of medicine at Harvard University in Boston and member of the Academy of Sciences of New York among others.

    Mario has dedicated a large part of his life to exploring the impact that mental processes have on making the most of our talent and state of health, energy and well-being. He’s a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on New Models of Leadership, and was awarded “Best Communicator in Health” by Spain’s ASEDEF. He has published several books and spoken at dozens of summits and forums globally on Leadership, Communication, Creativity and Stress Management.


    Mario Alonso Puig - Physician, Surgeon and Lecturer

  • Martin Varsavsky

    Martin Varsavsky

    Martin Varsavsky
    CEO at prelude Fertility
    Martin Varsavsky is an Argentine/Spanish entrepreneur, and has founded several extremely successful companies over the course of his career. Martin manages the Varsavsky Foundation and is a board member of Instituto de Empresa, Spain’s leading business school, where he taught entrepreneurship for eight years.

    Martin started his first business while still in college, Urban Capital Corporation, one of the early leaders of the loft movement in downtown Manhattan. His third business, Viatel Ltd., Varsavsky’s first venture into the world of telecom, is best known for inventing call back and building the first pan European fiber optic network ahead of liberalization. In 1998, he started Jazz Telecomunicaciones (Jazztel), Spain’s second largest publicly traded telecom operator, and founded the following year (Spain’s third largest internet web site/DSL provider.) Martin is currently the larger shareholder and Chairman of Fon – the largest WiFi network in the world (headquartered in Madrid.)


    Martin Varsavsky - CEO at prelude Fertility

  • Philippe Gelis

    Philippe Gelis

    Philippe Gelis
    Founder at kantox
    Philippe is considered a true pioneer in the world of Fintech. Co-founding Kantox in 2011, Philippe and his team transformed the foreign exchange industry by bringing light and fresh air to an obscure, static market. Kantox gives customers the ability to manage their currency exposure, build hedging strategies, automate foreign exchange transactions and process international payments easily and efficiently. In the past 5 years, Philippe has grown the company to support over 1500 corporate clients spanning 18 industries and grossing over 2 billion dollars in 20 countries. Before co-founding Kantox, he was a strategy and management consultant at Deloitte, specializing in corporate finance and business strategy. As a world traveler and wine connoisseur, we look forward to tapping in to Philippe’s vast knowledge of “the fruit of the vine” in addition to his expertise in Fintech.

    Philippe leads Kantox’s strategic vision.


    Philippe Gelis - Founder at kantox

  • Bea Arthur

    Bea Arthur

    Bea Arthur
    Licensed Mental Health Counselor; Founder and Executive Director of The Difference
    Called “innovative and inspiring” by the American Counseling Association, licensed therapist and serial entrepreneur Bea Arthur has become a leader in the modern mental health movement. The Columbia University alum and TEDx speaker has been profiled by NPR, MTV, CNN, BuzzFeed, Entrepreneur Magazine, VentureBeat, and was named an Entrepreneur to Bet On by Newsweek Magazine.

    Currently Bea is an editorial contributor and host for her own digital series on [email protected]; and as the first African American woman to be accepted into the prestigious Y Combinator accelerator program, she has created a new machine learning mental health startup The Difference, which uses artificial intelligence to develop emotional intelligence.


    Bea Arthur - Licensed Mental Health Counselor; Founder and...

  • Alicia Stewart

    Alicia Stewart

    Alicia Stewart
    Journalist and entrepreneur who works with established tech founders and leaders on media strategy, presence and programming.
    Alicia Stewart is an early stage founder who speaks professionally about innovation, intrapreneurship, and the art of the interview. She got her start hosting a television program in high school, and worked for 20 years in broadcast and online journalism. She has co-hosted the Online News Association conference, keynoted Google for Media Boston, and spoken at SXSW, MIT, and Harvard University. While at CNN, she launched Engage, a unit that identified and incorporated under-reported stories into network coverage. She also grew acclaimed projects there as a senior producer for the “In America” documentary unit, and as editor of its award-winning blog. Her journalism work has been honored with a Harvard Nieman Fellowship.

    Alicia Stewart - Journalist and entrepreneur who works with...

  • Coss Marte

    Coss Marte

    Coss Marte
    CEO of ConBody
    Coss Marte was sent to jail as the ringleader of a multi-million dollar cocaine operation. He was also grossly overweight and warned by his physician that his current lifestyle, if left unchecked, would likely kill him.

    Faced with this grim prognosis, Coss started to get in shape using the tools he had — his prison cell and his own body weight. Within six months he lost 70 pounds and replicated his successful formula of body weight exercises with 20 other inmates. Then he launched ConBody a prison style bootcamp that has gained over 20,000+ clients and hires formerly incarcerated individuals to teach fitness classes. Since the launch of his company he’s been featured in over 200 major media outlets such as NBC, CNN, The New York Times, TED Talks, and Men’s Fitness. He’s also won major pitch competitions such as Defy Ventures, Pitch for Good by TOM’s shoes and the YPO shark tank competition, which combined raised $200,000.


    Coss Marte - CEO of ConBody

  • Jason Eckenroth

    Jason Eckenroth

    Jason Eckenroth
    Co-founder, Sovereignty
    I am passionate about purpose-driven, core-value led businesses. I believe businesses can create success because of their culture, not despite it. I bootstrapped my first company, ShipCompliant over a 16yr time frame to 75 employees and $12M ARR.

    Customers chose ShipCompliant, not for our features, functionality or price, but ultimately because they liked “how” we did business (i.e.: the values that drove our decisions). It’s the greatest competitive differentiation.

    I believe in the power and possibility of self-funded companies and work to educate and empower entrepreneurs tackling the exciting challenge of building a customer-funded business.

    I am currently on sabbatical in Barcelona with my family. When not catching up on life, I work with self-funded, independent, and profitable companies to define and scale their cultures and product growth strategies, and guide them toward a path to sovereignty.


    Jason Eckenroth - Co-founder, Sovereignty

  • Jason Womack

    Jason Womack

    Jason Womack
    Author. Speaker. Executive Coach.
    _Personal Bio_

    A triathlete, author, husband and executive coach, Jason is the first one to say that what he teaches his clients to do helps them be more focused and more productive. In 12 years he has founded two consulting firms, written four books, coached clients in more than 20 countries and continues to train as a nationally competitive age-group triathlete.

    He will join us in Menorca for the third time, though his first visits to the Menorca Millenials group were via video. If you follow Jason’s social feeds, you’ll quickly see that he lives AND loves what he teaches.

    Jason is considered one of the world’s leading authorities in the field of increasing productivity and maximizing time for the things that are important.

    In addition to working with top brands and executives as a productivity coach, Jason and his wife Jodi cofounded, a blended coaching platform serving the entrepreneurial community. The 12-month Leadership Academy provides members with in-person, in-print and online coaching, teaching skills needed to survive and thrive in business and life.


    Jason is a teacher, international speaker, productivity coach and author whose clients describe him as “a force of nature”. The author of top selling books like Your Best Just Got Better: Work Smarter, Think Bigger, Make More, Jason is considered one of the world’s leading authorities in the field of increasing productivity and maximizing time for the things that are important. In addition to working with top brands and executives, Jason is co-founder of the learning platform, which serves to coach the global entrepreneural community on the skills needed to survive and thrive in business.


    Jason Womack - Author. Speaker. Executive Coach.

  • Kelcey Gosserand

    Kelcey Gosserand

    Kelcey Gosserand
    Managing Partner at Trellis NYC
    Kelcey is a pioneer in the blockchain landscape entering the scene as an early investor and participant in the crypto-economy. She lends her expertise to blockchain-related event strategy, marketing communications, and investor relations. She has executed successful campaigns for a number of regions including APAC, Europe, and the US.

    Kelcey is the Founder of Trellis, building the world’s largest community of blockchain professionals and providing end-to-end strategy and support to companies and startups participating in token generating events. She is also the creator and organizer of the inaugural ICOnference.

    With a career spanning more than 10 years in tech and innovation, Kelcey has worked with and advised startups of various stages as well as multinational companies. She is preparing the launch of Women plus Blockchain, a news and media platform promoting diversity in blockchain as well as elevating the dialogue. Kelcey is an active board member for a number of enterprise startups in NYC.


    Kelcey Gosserand - Managing Partner at Trellis NYC


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 Led by 2nd Time Entrepreneurs.

Early stage companies that aim to operate globally, solving relevant problems in target markets worth +1Bn€.

Innovative projects based on disruptive technologies and aligned with at least one UN Sustainable Development Goal.

Startups preparing their next financing round (Seed or Series A).

Have a tested MVP with solid metrics.

Think your startup has what it takes?

Venture Capitalist

“A quite unique formula”

Mark Erik Kavelaars

Chairman & Founder at
Swanlaab Venture Factory

Venture Capitalist

“You need to connect at
human level

Ian Noel

Co-Founder & General Partner at
K Fund

Venture Capitalist

“It is a extremely diferent concept”

Ernest Sanchez

Partner at
Entrée Capital

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